The collaboration’s problems will be in the centre of management for the next 20 years, according to specialists.
It will allow making considerable economies of resources for the enterprise.
But, they are still a lot of challenges to the firms that adopt this way of work.

The origin of the word 'collaboration' is in the Latin co-laborare, or work together.
There is not a strict definition of collaboration in the management theory, but one of the most popular definitions is people that work simultaneously to a common result.
In the practice, collaboration process has to be well prepared and stimulated. Several factors impact the efficacy of the collaborative organisation.

Probably, the most important one is the managerial support and integration of the collaboration in the firm’s strategy. Secondary, a leader has to attract people to participate in the collaborative activity.
Technology is important, but not decisive to make people collaborate.
To me, the most important factor is the collaborative culture of the employees and in the firm.

The collaborative platform 'Innocentive' respond to some of these problems.

First of all, it has found the way to stimulate people to collaborate.
Not only there is a financial booster for people who want to shear their ideas, but also there is a competition between participating groups.
The advantage of that model is that the site attracts people that have that collaborative culture. That is a smart idea.
The weakness of that model is in the use of the non-winning ideas.
We don't know who and how uses that ideas. How the authors, rights are they regulated? How is estimated the quality of expertise of the participants? How is the reliability of the solutions measured?

The model could work well between business and universities research centres or experts' groups.

They are several interesting collaboration platforms in Internet, mostly between professional of one field, allowing exchanging ideas and shearing expertise.

Collaboration in Internet is still in its emerging phase, but will develop in the future.

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