Capgemini launches first web-only campaign.

In these crisis days, the company tries to transform constraints in advantages.
A limited budget makes the necessity to concentrate this campaign on one media. (It is a tendency for all businesses and advertising nowadays, isn’t it?)
The idea is to concentrate on “one single media to be able to own it”. And, Internet is the N°1 media for the Capgemini’s target.

The ambition of Capgemini is to have ‘dominant position online’ during the next 3 months.
The aim of the campaign is 1) to maintain and increase the brand awareness in key markets (campaign in Nederland, France, Germany, UK, US, India);
2) to generate qualified leads ‘to support Capgemini’s sites dynamism’.
In the second level of the campaign the ambition is to engage with targets to generate leads and to transform them to ROI …

In several smaller for the company markets, like China, Sweeden, Switzerland… a search marketing campaign have already started.

The campaign includes more than 80 websites. During a period of more than 2 mounts Capgemini will have the top placements and formats on the web, with a share of voices of 25%.

There will be
- generic banners, pointing on the countries’ websites;
- solutions banners, pointing on specific pages presenting The Rightshore® delivery model and The TechnoVision approach.

In addition to the generic and more specialized media banners (on website like LinkedIn, Yahoo, Time, CNN, JDN…), there will be an e-mail campaign, as well as thought leadership and sector studies available for download on specialized websites.

This campaign is a ‘major step in the branding efforts of the group since the last 2 years'.

“After successfully highlighting our differentiations last year with a multi-cultural and illustrative campaign with tailored illustrations for Europe, North America and India, we are now launching an exclusively web-based campaign which aims to fully leverage this targeted and interactive source. We believe that by reinforcing the dialogue with current and potential clients and promoting our content and offers, we are demonstrating our ambition to win market share and win our way through the current downturn”, said Philippe Grangeon, Group Marketing & Communications Director at Capgemini.