Don't spend your energy on SEO: it will be useless in the future!

Artcile on Mashable says search will not be used in the future and will be replaced by recommendations...
Yuli Ziv gives 5 reasons Google and Search Won’t Dominate The Next Decade.

"Social Matching will create valuable connections and content recommendations will replace search....
Shopping is the best space to adopt suggestion technologies. If you’ve ever tried searching for an item of clothing or a gadget, you probably got lost in thousands of product choices, only a fraction of which would suit your needs.

What if new gadgets were selectively offered to you, based on your characteristics as they come out to the market? What if new clothes came to your inbox every season according to your taste and budget?
Even today, universal social platforms like Facebook are able to provide enough personal data for a variety of technologies to automate these common processes, essentially replacing our need to search.", the article says.
A guerrilla Facebook vs Google?
According to the author things will continue to change as we change our behavior from searching for to discovering things through our social networks and geo-location services.
"Although Google does try to make its search more social by adding results from the major networks, much of their focus still rests in “people searching for things.” If this behavior changes, it might put a big question mark on the future of this empire.
At this point, Google still has a chance to adapt to the new decade. After all, they do index nearly all online content, products, businesses and even locations via Google Maps(). The question is how they use the data they collect. The faster they understand this shift in human behavior, the more chance they have to stay in the game when search becomes a far less important task.", conclude the article.
At the same time, we know the abillity of Google to adapte, let's wait and see...


Nina BEJENARU said…
Great Article!! Thank you for sharing!
Though it would still be a bit premature saying Facebook would prevail over Google, which is the number 2 company in the world today. However, it's a good issue to be taken into account. Today's world is innovative and in constant change - all companies should take that into consideration and never stop on the acheived.
Thank you for the article again!
Thanks a lot, Nina. I invite you to send me an article to be posted here, if you wish. (and give me the URL of your MBA blog ;o)