IBM : Social Business Patterns – looking at how social adds value to any business

Social Business Pattern 1 – finding expertise
 - quickly locate the right people, or published content containing, the expertise needed to solve a problem
 - connect the best possible resources to effectively respond to customer needs document and share reusable solutions to common issues
- create highly-engaged and productive employees

  Social Business Pattern 2 – gaining external customer insights
 - quickly learn customers’ opinions and preferences related to existing and potential products and services
 - identify and connect with key customer influencers to aid marketing efforts

  Social Business Pattern 3 – increasing knowledge sharing
 - more efficiently and effectively capture, share and access knowledge increase innovation through wider reach of ideas
 - reduce excessive, unproductive time spent searching and exchanging information

  Social Business Pattern 4 – improving recruiting and on-boarding
 - collaboratively find and connect the right candidate to the right position streamline assessment and hiring processes
- better connect, engage and retain new hires
- contextually recommend expertise to increase new hires’ productivity